Our Loyalty Program is designed for those Customers who want the additional privileges and conveniences offered by PRETTY ONE when they purchase our clothing.

Our Customer Card entitles you to a full package of benefits.The most attractive benefit for users of this card are the discounts that accumulate on the user account as you purchase. Each new participant in the programme receives a welcome 5% discount on purchases.After this, the discount increases with the value of purchases made as follows:

PLN 1500 – 7% discount

PLN 3000 – 10% discount

In order to become a Customer Card owner, all you need to do is fill in a form when you make a purchase and leave it at the store.The sales assistant will help you to fill it in.You will need to give your full address and your permission for us to process your personal data.It is also a good idea to provide your email address, to which we can send all the current news concerning promotions and new collections.Other promotions and offers organized by Pretty One cannot be combined with loyalty card discounts.If no purchase is made at PRETTY ONE brand stores within a year after a higher discount level is granted, it will be reduced back to the starting discount level of 5%.The moment you receive the card is the moment you join the programme, and so therefore your first transaction is not added to the sum of discounts collected on the card account.


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