Limited Collection: Pretty One by Podwika

PrettyOne Warsaw by PODWIKA is a unique, limited line, created in cooperation with a young designer of the young generation, Łukasz Podwika, and presenting a fresh look at current trends. Łukasz Podwika is an experienced designer, famous for his diligence and his passion for beauty.

For many years he honed his talent under the wings of renowned international fashion designers. The creator of the PrettyOne line by PODWIKA brings together classics with modernity, offering expressive styling for women who dislike boredom and don’t shy away from fashion experiments. - The collection is‚ 80’s-themed. Puffy sleeves, oversize cuts, retro-style flower patterns and sensual cut-outs are the clothing elements that greatly inspired me to create this collection. The models are made of high quality fabrics that are decorated with original prints and hand-embroidered motifs. The dominant colour is classic black, broken with a distinct orange, mustard yellow along with futuristic gold and silver. My goal was to combine elegance with sensuality in each model so that women wearing these clothes would feel beautiful, sensual and unique - says designer Łukasz Podwika.

Collection available at stationery salons and online shop.