The Autumn-Winter 2019/20 collection has already appeared in showrooms and on the online store. The first models are now available :)

Everyday POWER is the motto of our autumn-winter‚ 19/’20 season collection. It reflects the power of Pretty One Women. The power which makes them feel beautiful, unique and invincible every day. The strengths of the Pretty One collection titled „Everyday POWER” are alongside the classic models for different occasions: - New, bold patterns inspired by international trends - Diverse fabrics with many hand-made details - A wide range of colours, ranging from delicate beige and gray, through juicy oranges and reds to intense navy blues and greens - A variety of patterns: from close-fitting, finely tailored suits, two-piece suits and dresses, through more casual, sometimes oversized outfits, to soft, swaddling turtlenecks and cardigans The collection is complemented by beautiful accessories. In addition to classic jewellery and knitted accessories, you will also find natural leather products. This season, together with belts, we now offer bags in bold colours, as well as the most fashionable models of shoes that perfectly complement anyone’s wardrobe. We want the „Everyday POWER” slogan to accompany you every day of the week. Thanks to our clothes, Pretty One Woman women are ready for any challenges and powered up to face everyday life!