.New Collection Spring-Summer 2018: One of Us!

This new Campaign of Pretty One called “One of Us!” is a synonym of everything what the creators of the brand have done over all these years of its existence. 

 With this session and this collection, we want to say: “We are here for you and we are just like you! We are close and we create our clothes thinking about you.” Hence the idea of bringing the women who re - flect our idea to the Campaign. By organizing the casting for “The Face of Pretty One’s Campaign” in the season Spring/Summer 2018 among great enthusiasts of our clothes and our customers, we have found unusual personalities. .Talented, determined in their actions, persisten - tly striving for their goals and pursuing their passions, absolutely authentic, living everyday lives. Just like us, they face different challenges every day. They are so similar to each and every of us, to the woman of Pretty One of Us!